The Community Health and Economic Resilience Research Center of Excellence (CHERR) is a strategic initiative of the Translational Health Research Center serving as a statewide resource hub to better understand what factors make Texans more resilient.

Our Mission

Identify and share evidence-based practices to make Texans more resilient.

Our Vision

Maintain the economic vitality of Texas when emergencies occur.


  • Identify evidence-based practices that contribute to resiliency
  • Share evidence-based findings with relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitate conversations among researchers, business and community leaders, and other stakeholders about how to best prepare our communities for public health emergencies
  • Equip communities with required skills to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from public health emergencies.


  • Resilience is the ability to prepare, adapt, and recover from public health emergencies and natural disasters. Tornadoes, pandemics, hurricanes, and other types of emergencies tend to affect our personal, community, and economic health, so our center conducts research and educational programs with community members to better understand how different aspects of resilience overlap to create more positive outcomes. 

  • In recent years, Texans faced many public health emergencies like Hurricane Harvey, the 2021 winter storm and the COVID-19 pandemic, among others. Texans had to quickly respond and adapt, and some communities demonstrated more resiliency than others. By studying the factors that make some communities more successful than others, we hope to better understand how to prepare for, adapt to, and recover from future challenges – making Texans everywhere safer, stronger, and more resilient.

  • CHERR is a newly founded Center of Excellence focused on Community Health and Economic Resiliency Research designed to help communities prepare for, adapt to, and recover from public health emergencies and natural disasters.

  • CHERR is a strategic initiative of Texas State’s Translational Health Research Center, otherwise known as THRC.

  • CHERR’s research and resources provide essential new knowledge to address key social, economic, and environmental issues related to resiliency among individuals and communities in Texas.

  • Work produced by CHERR is for Texans everywhere. Primary stakeholders include business and community leaders, health professionals and academic/researchers looking to learn more about developing resiliency in their communities.